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Daily Archives: September 22, 2016

School Upcycle Programme

School Upcycle Programme 

The Wood Pile will support enterprising activity by providing a budget for a group of young people to purchase a piece of furniture.  They will then restore the furniture with assistance, and market the piece for sale to the general public, all of the activity that is required to then sell the furniture is the responsibility of the group including any administration, marketing, PR etc

Aims and Objectives:  The theme of the programme is upcycling furniture on a budget, and gaining skills on painting shabby chic style, marketing, administration activity, and the sale of the finished product, this will all assist the student in employability and future aspirations.

By the end of the course the student should have an insight into the world of work, an understanding of upcycling, PR and the use of Social Media to market the product.

The students will take time to design what they want their finished furniture to look like, what are the best colours to paint it in, with assistance the best methods of work, then they will come up with a marketing strategy once the pieces are finished, they’d need to decide how best to sell the items. 

The students will learn such things as Painting, restoration, Shabby Chic, time management, team work and much more over their time here. 

A selection of photos from week 2 with work commencing. 



Photos from week 4


Photos from week 5


On the students final week they moved on to the marketing side of the project in an attempt to sell their piece of furniture, after making a plan at school once they were on site they got in their teams and made their own advert, decided where they wanted to sell their piece and how best to sell it, below are their two adverts. 

Furniture Pile

Furniture Pile

We have our Furniture Pile, in this pile we have a few rows of furniture that is always changing, there are some examples of below, this is furniture that we have for sale as they are, but also can be finished to a customers specifications i.e. colours, waxes, modifications etc.

We may also give this furniture our own look and finish and sell it in our shop, we have things such as desks, cabinets, drawers and cupboards and much more.

Not only that but we encourage customers to bring in their own furniture if they may with to have us finish it to their custom look. 

Prices vary depending on product and finish. 

Delivery can be arranged at cost to you, usually using Parcel To Go

All payment information can be found on the following link.

Paying with Paypal


  • Items are usually restored, repaired or made here and will be specified in the description.
  • The Wood Pile always try and describe the items to the best of our knowledge
  • The Wood Pile inspect all items and ensure they are fit for purpose
  • Most items will not be new unless made on site, therefore general wear and tear should be expected but would be divulged.
  • The Wood Pile are open to offers within reason
  • People are welcome to inspect items upon collection if they are not satisfied they will be refunded.
Thanks for visiting The Wood Pile site: 

The Wood Pile a Community Interest Company, founded by Karen Stubbings.

The aim is to reduce the amount of wood going to landfill and incinerators by means of recycling/upcycling, wood and furniture are not only collected from waste streams they are also donated, bought at auctions, charity shops and markets. We get such items as fencing, panels, plywood boards, doors, floorboards and any such types of wood, along with many different types of furniture.

Many people will just discard their old furniture when they think it has served its purpose or too damaged or disheveled to be used, what we see is an opportunity to take that furniture, repair the damages, give it a fresh coat of paint and wax it, to make it look good as new or give it that “Shabby Chic” look, and then sell the items in our shop, as well as our warehouse.