Mixed Joinery Workshop July 2018 FULL

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This event finished on 11 August 2018


Mixed Joinery Workshop July 2018Mixed Joinery Workshop July 2018

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Session 1 can only be booked from week 1 07/07/18

This course is designed for members with little or no experience of woodworking. It is recognised that some women may initially lack the confidence to join a mixed-sex group, so the purpose of a women-only course is to build confidence in their ability and potential. We will begin with practising basic woodworking techniques, but members will be encouraged to suggest and work towards woodworking or DIY projects of their own so that they can continue to develop their ability either in further courses or in their own homes. We will also discuss sources and costs of buying appropriate tools and materials.

The aims of this course are to;

  • learn the use and maintenance of a range of common woodworking hand tools
  • develop confidence in planning and producing woodworking projects
  • gain motivation to increase woodworking skills.At the end of the course members will be able to;
  • use and maintain common woodworking tools, including saws, chisels, planes, hammers and others as projects require
  • design and plan a small woodworking or household DIY project
  • apply relevant health and safety practices


Week one will cover workshop health and safety, and the types and uses of timbers and manufactured boards. We will begin by practising basic woodworking techniques using hand tools, but members will be encouraged to discuss their own ideas and ambitions for developing skills.

Week two; members will continue to revise and practice skills from week one, during which we will develop ideas for learning specific DIY skills or producing own projects. A range of projects produced by previous members of similar skill levels will be available for discussion.

Weeks three to five; members will work on their own projects developing skills as required.

Week six; review progress, complete projects and plan further development of skills.



To book, please chose the date which is Saturday 07 July 2018 can only be purchased on this date for the full 6 weeks. 

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£95 per person Mixed Joinery Workshop

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