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Women’s Joinery Workshop 5

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This event finished on 15 July 2017


Women's Joinery Workshop 5.1Women’s Joinery Workshop 5

Places Available

Session 1 can only be booked from week 1 (this week) 10/6/17

The aim of the Women’s Joinery Workshop 4 is to teach the fundamental knowledge, skill and confidence in the proper, effective use of the basic essential hand tools for practical, high-quality joinery. Over our six weeks together we will cover the basic joints, techniques and practical considerations required to independently and confidently undertake a huge range of practical carpentry tasks. As a vehicle for this we will mostly focus on completing a small project piece, however, all the skills we will cover in session are highly transferable and there will be an emphasis on how everything learned can and should be applied to house carpentry, furniture repairs, finish joinery and even arts and crafts.

Week 1:

Introduction to the proper use and care of basic essential tools that will feature most prominently over the coming weeks, including measuring and lay-out tools, panel, tenon and dovetail saws, chisels, cordless drills, hand drills, bench planes and rasps.

Week 2:

Having grasped the principle tools in Week 1, we will cover some of the most essential joints in woodworking: The mortice and tenon (and the drawbore mortice), the mitred corner, in its various guises and the dovetail.   

Week 3:

Now that you’re adept with the basic tools and joints we will begin selecting materials, designing and marking-out for the main project that you will complete over the remaining weeks: a solid dovetailed box. Here we will discuss the basic woods and related considerations. (Anyone wishing to make an alternative small piece is welcome to discuss it with the instructor)

Week 4:   

We will continue with our boxes, utilising all of the skills and techniques covered in weeks 1, 2 & 3 with continual guidance from the instructor.

Week 5:

We will continue with the latter stages of our boxes. If we have made good time to this point we may also begin discussing natural finishes ahead of full completion in week 6.

Week 6:

Having completed our boxes the previous week, we will move on to various finishing methods and the basic classic furniture finishes.


To book, please chose the date which is Saturday 22 April 2017 can only be purchased on this date for the full 6 weeks. 

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Within DBI Services, Rennys Lane, Dragonville, Durham DH1 2RS