Everything Else




Everything Else:

In this Everything Else section you can find all the extra things we have, from our anniversary, work with St.Joseph’s, times that we have been covered by press and our sold items as well as ways in which you can volunteer.



School Upcycle Programme

School Upcycle Programme will support enterprising activity by providing a budget for a group of young people to purchase furniture. restore then sell

St Joseph's RCVA Primary School

St. Joseph's RCVA Primary School

The Wood Pile working with St Joseph's RCVA Primary School on a 6 weeks course towards their wood working curriculum and sustainability

The Wood Pile in the news

Here we will put all of our news articles and any other media attention, in no particular order.

Our TV Debut

For our TV Debut we were recently contacted by a company called Creative North who are a company dedicated to highlighting creative areas of interest within the North East Region.


Become A Client, care and support information regarding our day service for clients who wish to attend.The Wood Pile CIC Covering Durham & County Durham

Opening day

Open day on 1/8/014, we had a number of people which supported us. We have recruited our first staff member with the help of Shaw Trust.