How to get rid of your old sofa

How to get rid of your old sofa

There comes a time in every sofas life that it’s no longer fit for purpose. It might no longer fit in your new home or it might be looking and feeling dated. If you’ve decided that you want a new sofa then work down this list to find the most eco-friendly methods of reusing or disposing of your sofa.

According to RSA Great Recovery, Britons throw away over 300,000 tonnes of re-usable furniture every year.

1. Get a cover for your sofa!

£40-200 depending on your sofa and quality of cover

If your sofa is of the Swedish variety, there is sure to be plenty of options to bring it back to life with a new cover. Check out your sofa manufacturer’s website but also try places like etsy for more arty or interesting throws and covers.

If you want something total unique then why not try making your own sofa cover?

2. Get your sofa re-upholstered

£800+ depending on size and material selected

This is a fairly expensive option but if you have a quality piece of furniture, updating the style by getting it re-upholstered can be much more cost-effective and better for the environment than having a whole new sofa manufactured. It’s also a great opportunity to design your own unique piece of furniture.

Re-upholstering of a sofa takes around 12 weeks and there is a local small business that can help you with your project.

3. Donate your sofa to a charity

Pickup for free

The storeroom on the Isle of Wight

If you are completely opposed to your sofa style and need a quick way to get rid of it then find a local charity that will be willing to take the sofa. Many charities from the British heart foundation to hospices and those that operate to provide affordable furniture for those on low incomes.

In general, most charities will require the sofa to have a fire safety label still attached and be in a reasonable condition.

The best bit is that most charities are willing to come and collect the sofa directly from your house.

4. Try Facebook

Free, you may need to deliver

If your sofa is lacking a fire safety label but is otherwise in ok condition then join your local free-cycle Facebook group. You’ll find plenty of students and young people looking to pick-up a sofa to get them started.

5. Recycle your sofa

£10-50 cost to pickup your sofa

If no local charity wishes to take your sofa then you can usually book a recycling option when you order your new sofa. Both DFS and Ikea operate a removal and recycling service for a non-profit fee.

6. Throw away your sofa

Free (with delay), £60+ (next day)

While we believe that this option should be avoided at all costs, if your sofa is beyond repair or recycling then you have a few options for disposing of your sofa. You can take it to your local landfill site yourself or call your local council for a kerbside collection.

Many people report waiting weeks for a kerbside collection from their council so if you’re in a hurry you may find it easier to pay for a waste collection company to take your rubbish away.

Warning: Avoid budget waste removal services

As you scroll Facebook you’ll probably find waste removal services undercutting the established names. While they may be legitimate, it’s likely they are flytipping the sofa onto someone else’s land.

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