Wooden Pallets: Inspiration for every room of your house

Wooden Pallets: Inspiration for every room of your house

The humble wooden pallet has been a staple of Pinterest for years. In this article, we’re going to deep dive into the pallet and all of the amazing things you can do with them from pallet ideas for your garden to wedding ideas and interior decorations.

Chapter 1: All about pallets

What is a wooden pallet?

A wooden pallet is used by companies to move products. They’re designed to allow a forklift or crane to pick up and efficiently move large quantities of goods.

In Europe, the standard pallet (otherwise known as EUR-Pallet) is measured at 1,200mm x 800mm x 144mm. It’s rated to handle 1,500kg load when equally balanced.

What is a pallet made from?

Pallets can be constructed from a variety of woods and your geographical location will some bearing but in general you’ll find woods such as oak and pine being the most common. It’s common for woods to be stained various colours including blue and red.

The pieces of the pallet are held together using nails. In the EUR-Pallet specification there are 78 nails in a prescribed pattern.

How much do pallets cost?

In general they’re free.

When businesses use pallets it’s common for them to get damaged and broken. This presents a problem for the business as this often represents a cost to them in terms of disposing of the waste wood. You’ll find it very easy to drive around your local business estate and ask for any unwanted or broken pallet.

This makes them a great source of free or almost free characterful wood to do with as you wish.

How should I use the wood?

Depending on the state of the pallets you are able to acquire you have a few options. If the pallet is in good condition, many people build from that as a base.

If it’s badly damaged you may be better off dismantling back to it’s individual boards.

How can I dismantle a wooden pallet?

The pallet buster is a specially designed tool to help you dismantle pallets

Dismantling a wooden pallet can be done with a crowbar and a hammer. It can be tricky to not damage the wood when using this metho however.

If you’re planning a major project and will need to break apart a couple of pallets then I would recommend investing in a pallet breaking tool. As pictured above you can pick one up for under £50. They’ll make breaking pallets much easier, quicker, and give you better results.

Chapter 2: Interior Ideas

Dining Room

Your dining room can be a great candidate for a pallet wood project.

Dining Table

Dining table made from pallet wood

How about replacing your dining table with a sturdy pallet wood table that will last a lifetime.

Candle Holder

Candle holder made from pallet wood

If your dining table is already in good condition then a pallet wood candle holder might make a nice centrepiece. This particular piece has been charred to give a burnt effect to the wood.

Living Room

Coffee Table

Beautiful coffee table crafted from an old pallet

Building a gorgeous sturdy coffee table with pallet wood might be the perfect addition to your own living room. In this particular example, the wood has been cut to produce a chevron design on the tabletop. I’ll certainly be giving this a go when I have the space for a coffee table.

TV Stand

TV Stand constructed from old pallet

This person created a TV stand from an old pallet. By stacking pallet halves you get natural shelves for all of your media centres or consoles. They also chose to paint them for a cleaner finish.

Bedroom Pallet Furniture


Pallet bed with headboard

In it’s simplest form a pallet bed is a super cheap way to get your mattress up off the floor for ventilation purposes. If you’re looking for a more stylish bed then the above might fit the bill. They’ve created a sturdy distressed looking bed and headboard.

Chapter 3: Garden Ideas

Using pallets for garden furniture is an obvious choice since:

  • Pallet wood has been chosen for extended time outside
  • A rougher more rugged finish can suit the outside more.

We’ll break down our outside garden inspiration into a few categories.

Garden furniture from Pallets

Corner Sofa

Corner sofa made from pallets

Combining pallets with some custom pillows makes a great affordable outside sofa. Constructing your own pillows for use outside takes a bit of practice but there are plenty of great guides on the internet, like this one.

Wooden Bench

Wooden bench constructed from pallet

This is one of my creations. It’s a basic bench constructed from pallet wood I collected one weekend. The legs are made from the pallets supports and the sanded wood is nailed / wood glued together.

Garden decorations from pallets

Outdoor shelf

Garden shelves made from pallets Photo by Daniel Tafjord on Unsplash

I think these are technically crates and not pallets, but they’re still a great way to take advantage of your vertical space if you’re gardening in a small space.

Helping nature with pallets

Insect Hotel

An insect house made from Pallets Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Building an insect hotel is one of the best things you can do to encourage wildlife into your garden. It provides a safe space away from pesticides for animals to make their home. Using four pallets as the base for this insect hotel is a great idea.

Vertical Planter

Turn a pallet into a vertical planter

How about turning your pallet into a vertical planter? The creator of this planter covered the back in landscaping fabric to contain the soil and then filled it in before propping the whole pallet up against a wall.

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